The Newbie Cyclist

A year ago, I was one of those people who cringed at getting on a road bike for fear of impending doom, of broken bones and of certain death! The whole idea of cycling was alien and frightening to me.
I was more than happy to throw on my runners and pound the pavement. One day I wondered why this Tour de France looking cyclist had slowed in beside me on his bike while I ran.. I tried not to notice his strong legs in Lycra and several months later we were dating. Dave found me a great first bike and suddenly I was giving this cycling thing a go, I'm not even sure how it all unfolded. My only life experience of riding a bike was a 5 speed Kmart silver special. I was ignorant that bikes could be better then that.
When I jumped on my carbon fibre second hand bike, a Malvern Star.. it was light as a feather, and it had 20 speeds. WTF!

After running a lot of distance in one of the hottest months of the year, i was told I had to rest from running as I had a bursitis in my forefoot. I didn't cope well with the news, I couldn't imagine my day to day without running. It wasn't so simple just to stop running. But when the pain became unbearable, my extreme passion for running was brought to a halt.

Suddenly bike riding saved my sanity.So I wore my runners on my bike in anticipation to run asap , I felt like Happy Gilmore with his ice hockey stick on the golfing green!

My first month on the bike was focused on staying upright, in borrowed Lycra, my hoka running shoes keeping my nerves at bay.
After that I felt more confident and like running I wanted to build up my distance and my climbing ability.

As I cycled down through the rainforest, hearing the click of gear changes, the cold mountain air through my sweat laden shirt, I fell in love with cycling. It was that simple.

I suddenly had my eye set on doing a 100km ride and a future 200km ride with 2600m elevation with AUDAX.

Give me mountains, fresh air and my awesome bike and my spirit smiles

Blooms X


Author: bl00ms

I'm my own worst enemy

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